Exclusive Campfire Tents

We have been manufacturing the Campfire Tent since 1986. The first ones were made for Bill Mason, who made these tents popular.

We are definitely of the same mind as Bill Mason when he said, "A tent should be something that you live in while you are enjoying the out of doors. Being comfortable no matter what the weather tries to do to you is an art. It takes some thought, some basic know-how, a little ingenuity and the right tent to start with."

This tent gives you a home away from home. It incorporates a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, and mudroom, all warmed by central heating. After a wet day on the water you have a hope of drying your clothes. If it's pouring rain and you just want to sit and enjoy the view, what's to stop you from cooking a meal or brewing up a cup of coffee in dry comfort.

The Campfire Tent has been around in various forms for many years. C.R.C.O., through our manufacturing company, Horizon's Unlimited,undertook to develop a tent that incorporated all the best features of the Campfire Tent. Our goal was to design a tent that would meet with Bill Mason's approval. Bill called our tent "almost bomb-proof".

Both our Cotton and our Nylon Campfire Tents have been extensively used and tested by our clients and our guides on trips throughout northern Canada. We are proud to say they have met our rigorous standards in all seasons and in all conditions. We are confident you will enjoy your Campfire Tent for years to come.

Exclusive Campfire Tent

C.R.C.O. Cotton Campfire Tent

Cotton Campfire TentFor over 100 years the Campfire Tent, formerly known as the Baker Tent was made of a lightweight, high quality cotton called 'Egyptian Cotton' or 'sail silk'. Unfortunately, this type of cotton is no longer available. We searched far and wide to find the finest 6.5 ounce cotton on the market today. Although heavier and a little more bulky than our Nylon Campfire Tents, our traditional Cotton version is sturdy, comfortable, and durable.



C.R.C.O. Nylon Campfire Tent

Nylon Campfire TentOur Nylon Campfire Tent is light, tough water-repellant, and manufactured to our exacting standards. These tents are built with the same time-tested nylon fabric as our tarps. They have performed beyond our expectations in the field, and will make any excursion into the wilderness a much more comfortable one.












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